44 Random Hip-Hop/Rap Albums

Today marks hip-hop’s 44th birthday, a genre so versatile and flexible, a style that changed so many people’s lives, creating a titular culture defining fashion, music, and popular culture not only domestically, but globally. So much I could say about my favorite genre of music, but the list exceeds writing. I’d rather put together random albums that explain my love for the genre: here are 44 random hip-hop/rap albums spanning over 40 years. 

All Eyez On MeAmeriKKKa's NightmareBigger and DefferBlack PearlComin' Out HardCriminalDogg Foode475734994f0e37329e5f4d951a915e4.600x600x1Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)FunkdafiedGhetto Street FunkGuerilla WarfareI Gotta HabitIllmatic XXIntelligent HoodlumJeaniusKizz My Black AzzKrumb Snatcha Pt. 1LegalLife Is...Too ShortLyte as a RockMakin' Illa NoizeMic Tyson (Deluxe Edition)Nine LivezOn FireR-247866-1458146611-4212.jpegR-323722-1351362647-6821.jpegReasonable DoubtRoxbury 02119Runaway SlaveShyneStunts, Blunts & Hip-HopSupreme ClienteleThe Cactus RevisitedThe Desolate OneThe Devil Made Me Do ItThe Geto BoysThe InfamousThe Main IngredientThe Most Beautifullest Thing In This WorldThe New BreedThe RealTime Waits For No ManWanted_ Dead Or Alive


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